Surely you’ve noticed your friends and family posting their personalized photo grid with the ‘best’ Instagram pics of 2018. Unlike the auto generated birthday videos and friendaversery posts Facebook makes for you, this post requires a tiny bit more effort.

Here’s how to post your top nine pictures to Instagram:


Third party site or app

The easiest way to do this is by downloading and authorizing a one of the following apps.


Top 9 app –  The free Top 9 service comes in both a desktop version and an app version, but if your Instagram is set to private, you’ll have to use the app. If the Top 9 site and the app aren’t working for you it may be overloaded by thousands of people doing the same thing on New Year’s Eve. Segun mas de 4 million people have used it this week.

Screenshot_20181231-090328.pngBest Nine app – This app is very similar to the Top Nine app and website but it gives the users a little bit more freedom to choose which photos they want to be involved in the collage. En esta, you have the ability to choose the photos the year and more. It also has a web-based page where users can plug in their username or handle for Instagram.

Shortcut! – less traffic and no email sign-up required, visit last year’s URL using this link:

Here’s what the site generated for me:

Mine was hairstyles, collaborations and photog-friend’s awesome shots, comic-con and travel pics rounded off the most “LIKED” of 2018- relieved that to see that not all nine of them were selfies, dogs, babies or nudies. Stay original and have a very Happy 2019, POCHOS!

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