About five years ago I stopped wearing corporate brand names because, fuck the man, right? Then a few years ago I committed to only wear local brands or brands whose message I believe in to spread awareness. This included local businesses I frequent, friend’s artwork, and the occasional purpose-driven label, think Toms shoes or Billionaire Boys Club both of which are deeply rooted in humanitarian ideals.

In 2018 I decided to start making my own appeal just for fun. The Pocho Socialite lifestyle I live has since become a celebration of cultural identity for me and many others. Today I’m excited to introduce the evolution of my lifestyle blog, into a physical tangible brand with pretty cool apparel.

Pocho Socialite is a Latino men’s lifestyle and apparel brand that celebrates your bicultural lifestyle. Check out our sales page containing the first wave of chest-pounding POCHO tees, culturally appropriate hats, and a couple comfy hoodies. Bold y classy. Como tú.

The Mexican As F*ck hat is just the first of more to come, including Mexicano (in Spanish) As F*ck, Chicano, and Latino just to name a few. Get the original for you or a deserving friend today!


Thank you to all who support me in all of my endeavors, it’s my calling to voice the Latino bicultural experience and open minds while changing the perception of POCHOS like me.

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