Hola peeps. I’m TonyU, a San Diego native here to help mis amigos who are on the quest to find out:

What’s up in San Diego?

Pa’ mis friends visiting from TJ and SD Latinos who are interested in exploring all that this wonderful city has to offer. Lets help each other discover el sabor latino que ofrece SAN DIEGO. Stay in the know about up coming conciertos, bars and restaurants chingones, y ademas community events para toda la familia–and us twenty-somethings on a budget.

Tony Uribe¿Quien es TonyU?

I’m a pocho socialite who has been actively involved en la communidad hispana de San Diego. Being born and raised in Diego gave me awesome insights on what cultura mixta is all about, soy pochisimo but proud of my culture and feel fortunate to be here.

¿Y Tu?

Who are you. chismosillo yet well informed. ¿Muy movido and constantly looking for más? Subscribe to receive all of my latest updates y communicate conmigo.  Oh and follow me on twitter, for mas 619-fun-y-411.

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