Running and walking is standard, you do it every day. A five-kilometer race, or 5K, is a good goal for novice runners and outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re not sure you can run three miles it’s fine to take walking breaks or even walk the entire way. This year marks the fourth annual We Support U 5K, and below are my personal thoughts on why you and your family should join in.

Pocho Socialite Family, We Support U 5K
Uribe Family

Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

¡SALUD! Your family and friends will see your family-unit’s commitment to health by participating in such an event. Instead of just saying you’re going to do something, you actually do something–and get a medal for it too! Kids registration is cheaper than a movie ticket.

It’s a Community Event

The We Support You 5K brings the entire South Bay community together, it’s highly Hispanic as the organization serves underprivileged community members in both languages. Media supporters, El Xolo Mayor, and cheerleaders will also be there to encourage you along the way.


It’s For a Good Cause

Funds from the run don’t just cover your t-shirt and race costs, the funds go directly to families affected by a cancer diagnosis. We Suport U also provides free mammograms and blood tests for early prostate cancer detection, not to mention a plethora of programs for patients and their loved ones funded by this 5K.

Forced Family Unity

Get your chamacos and abuela in on this, they won’t want to but they will be happy they did – trust me! Your family and friends can form a team and stroll together, or get your friendly competition on. Either way, the bonds that are formed from accomplishing this 5K will leave a lasting impression.


Kicks-Off a #SundayFunday

There are tons of things to do every weekend, why not start with a race that incorporates superhero attire, live Lucha libre,  a scenic South Bay harbor course, and tons of community members all working side by side to support each other. An easy trip to breakfast or picnic in the park to reward the family would be the perfect kick-off to the weekend.

We Support U, supporters
Look at all the community supporters!

Are you and your familia ready to participate? Get $5 Off when you Register for the April 15th 5K using my PochoSocialite promo code:PS5K2018. Hope you can make it!

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